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Lees Valeri
Fleet Officer
Fleet Officer
Fleet Officer
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With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.

- Jean-Luc Picard, TNG, "The Drumhead"
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The Home of Halcyon Epsilon Fleet!

- In media arma ruamus -
"Into the thick of the fight."

Halcyon Epsilon Fleet is a heavy role-playing fleet comprised of a wide assortment of Starfleet captains, each of whom brings something unique and extraordinary to the table.  As our motto implies, Halcyon Epsilon Fleet is never far from the action, based as we are along the newly redrawn Neutral Zone, right in the heart of galactic intrigue. 

Our members share this common bond: a love for the Star Trek mythos and a desire to help make it come to life once Star Trek Online launches!  You'll see this evident in the Holodeck section of our forums, where you will find many fine stories and biographies crafted by our members.  Our focus is on fun and immersion.  We value quality over quantity.  Rapid levelling and racing to the level cap are not necessarily the goals of the fleet, though we do intend to experience the high-end content in due time.  Members are encouraged to level at their own pace, and many of us plan to enjoy the journey as we fully explore all corners of this galaxy that Cryptic Studios is building for us. 
Halcyon Epsilon Fleet  is currently NOT accepting applications.
Fleet News    

..and straight on 'til morning.

Lees Valeri, Aug 13, 10 5:38 PM.
It's with a heavy heart that I announce that Halcyon Epsilon Fleet has closed its doors for the final time.

Our activity levels have simply been so low over the last few months - for entirely valid, understandable reasons - that we've decided to let HEF go. I have it on good authority, however, that a new fleet will be forming in the coming months, and those who called this there home will be very much welcome there.

Until then, thank you for the memories.

New Links

Tzithara, Mar 14, 10 11:26 AM.
I have added several new links to the left sidebar.  Most I'm sure everyone has seen, but they are all good resources.  The most interesting one for me was the STO Ship Chart.  I love to plan ahead so looking at all the ships and their capabilities in advance is something I was very appreciative of.  

Let me know if you are aware of any other online resources that might help the fleet.

Get Into the Fleet In-Game!

Tzithara, Mar 7, 10 6:13 PM.
Just a reminder: contact @TheDart or @Tzithara in-game to get your guild invites, and bug us here or on Steam if you don't see us. Also, there will be another inactivity purge in the coming weeks, so if we don't hear from you, your slot's going up for grabs!

Well, well, well.

Lees Valeri, Feb 10, 10 4:24 PM.
It has come to my attention that we have a couple of Admirals in the fleet now. Two notes:

A) Congratulations!

B) Jesus Christ, go outside, dudes. Your families miss you!

Fleet Dress Uniform

Tzithara, Feb 9, 10 8:56 AM.
If you haven't noticed, there is an option now when you go to change your uniform that allows you to set it to any Fleet Uniforms.  Currently we only have a Dress Uniform (designed by Dart and Tzi).  It is in no way mandatory, but we thought it would be fun for formal fleet events to have the option.  Enjoy!

Fleet Bank Deposits, Round Two

Tzithara, Feb 7, 10 8:31 PM.
First, let me thank you all for depositing items and credits into the Fleet Bank.  I know it has helped me a great deal and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  With that said, I'd like to suggest that we refrain from depositing Mark I items into the bank until we can afford to buy some more tabs.  Most people are beyond using the items and if anyone needs some, let me suggest you ask around before selling them.  If you really want to donate from those items you could always sell them and deposit the credits.  Hopefully this practice can change when we become rich, but until then I think this is for the best.

Thanks again for being charitable fleeties!
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